Laboratory for Laser- and beam-driven plasma Acceleration

LAOLA, the Laboratory for Laser- and beam-driven plasma Acceleration is a collaboration between groups from DESY and the University of Hamburg. Its mission is to complement basic research in the relatively new field of plasma wakefield acceleration (PWA) by an explicit combination with DESY's conventional, modern accelerators.

Plasma Wakefield Accelerators attract great interest from accelerator and applied physics due to their unprecedented ultra-high field gradients on the order of TV/m as well as their intrinsically ultra-short electron bunch lengths of just few femtoseconds.

LAOLA experiments will be hosted at three sites: PITZ, REGAE and FLASH. At PITZ, we want to test beam self-modulation (a pre-study for the CERN proposal of Proton-driven-PWA) and beam-driven resonant plasma excitation towards higher transformer ratios. At the REGAE-lab external, ultra-short electron bunches will be injected into a laser-driven wakefield for probing the latter and comparing the results with numerical simulation tools. Both laser- and beam-driven experiments will then be continued at FLASH, using an additional extraction beamline.

The collaboration structure of LAOLA reflects the diversity of the various Working Groups, each represented by a project coordinator in the board of LAOLA. This board is headed by the Spokesperson of LAOLA Florian Grüner. DESY's Director of the Accelerator Division, Reinhard Brinkmann, is an ex officio member of the board. Many of LAOLA’s external collaborations and contacts take place in the context of the Helmholtz Virtual Institute for Plasma Wakefield Acceleration, whose Spokesperson, Brian Foster, is also a member of the board.

Working Group (WG) item


laser-plasma acceleration, plasma target development, PIC simulations

Jens Osterhoff

REGAE, external injection

Klaus Flöttmann

PITZ, beam-driven studies

Frank Stephan

high energy physics applications/demands, Virtual Institute matters

Brian Foster

accelerator physics

Ralph Assmann

beam- and laser-driven studies at FLASH

Eckhard Elsen

diagnostic development

Bernhard Schmidt

synchronisation development

Holger Schlarb

wakefield probing, laser-driven light sources

Florian Grüner

LAOLA is embedded in the ARD research program of the Helmholtz Association as well as in PIER, a new cooperation framework between the University of Hamburg and DESY.

LAOLA Workshop 2017